Italy Honeymoon #2 More food…more sights


picnic lunch on the beach…whole wheat crackers, mozzarella, pesto, apple slices and of course…wine
some famous dessert called Trafuto…it costs a pretty penny, but man is it chocolaty!
these drinking fountains are everywhere….good, cold, refreshing water…try not to look at the mossy growth and rusty structure

writing in my journal about all my fabulous experiences in Italy

best cheesecake and bread pudding at a restaurant called 4 Leoni

Wine Country – Tuscany

BEAUTIFUL countryside! almost as pretty as Iowa’s 🙂

we met Iris at the bar the night before and she offered us a private wine tour at the winery she works at…sweeet!

grapes fermenting

we had several picnics to help stick to our budget…pesto, fresh mozzarella, salami
biggest calzone EVER
Cinque Terre

we had gelato everyday…sometimes twice 🙂
we went hiking and about 4 miles in lived this Italian who made his own wine…that’s his house…
talk about ocean front property!
J’s lunch…not mine

fish market…check out the sword on that fish
you don’t see this in the freezer aisle at you local Hy-Vee

peppers…..or flowers
J trying to decide if he should have more wine or tough to decide
drinking wine on the ferry ride to Venice…even cheap wine was good wine

see Italy Honeymoon #1 to view our experiences in Amalfi Coast!

Until next time…
look good, do good, feel good

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