French Toast Mania- Traditional and Raisin Walnut

Nutrition Bites #3
Sara B Principles #1 – Be Mindful
Try eating without the news on or reading the newspaper. J and I went without the Today Show this morning which was hard to do. However, it really helped us enjoy what we were eating and prevented any over eating!


I have made french toast the past two mornings. It’s just such a warm, welcoming way to fuel up in the morning.

The first morning I made pretty traditional french toast with a twist.

Whole wheat bread dipped in the mixture of…. 2 whole eggs, three egg whites, Watkins vanilla, cinnamon, and strawberry yogurt (we usually add skim milk but did not have any 🙂
…also when we have orange juice or peel on hand I add a touch of this
This morning was luxury french toast aka
Whole Wheat Raisin Walnut
Basically, I use the same mixture as above…eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, and skim milk. I bought the bread from our local co-op New Pioneer…it adds sooo much flavor. You can use any flavored bread you desire….maybe not veggie 😉
I like to cut thin pieces so they get a little crispy.

Serve with fruit, sugar-free syrup, almond butter, peanut butter….
J and I road cycle cross bikes last night….brrrr
Warming my feet!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

One thought on “French Toast Mania- Traditional and Raisin Walnut

  1. Sara,

    Kathy and I are really enjoying your receipes. My family is having stir fry tonite. we both work out at Iron Mike's so we are both trying hard to watch what we eat and my family is happy at long at it taste Great! thanks Beth

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