New York…the sights and smells…of food that is :)

J and I decided to take a little weekend getaway to NYC! We did a little shopping, enjoyed a play (Rock of Ages), saw some sights, and tasted yummy food! Of course, I always highlight the foods from our trips but I also wanted to share some of the fun too! Enjoy!

Shopping! I forgot to pack all my jeans! J thinks I did it on purpose 🙂 Either way…we HAD to go shopping then. He will never know 😉

We stumbled upon this Rice Pudding place on Spring Street. Rice to Riches…one of our new guilty pleasures….unexpectedly delicious!

our flavor of choice…chocolate chip

We met my cousin Donald and his wife Erika, who just happen to be vacationing in the city as well, at this famous deli for dinner

order up!

the biggest pastrami sandwich I have ever seen or eaten! It’s what they are known for!

Katz’s Deli

Pink Berry…who doesn’t love Pink Berry! J had his first experience and couldn’t get enough of that creamy, yogurty, sweetness

Eggs Florentine at Pastis (supposedly you can see famous people there…we saw Brad Pitt…NOT

oh well…they had the best Bloody Mary I have every had! Not even joking 🙂

Pumpkin Ravioli with pinenuts and cooked spinach…so tasty

YUM! need I say more?

Fat Witch Bakery…Chelsea Market

lobster anyone? Chelsea Market

I can totally pull these off!

a delicious piece of NY cheesecake for me and a cannoli for J at Ferrari’s in Little Italy

Two great mojitos at the bar in the W….raspberry and blueberry!

Time’s Square & Rockefeller Christmas tree!

The Heisman hopefuls at Nokia Theatre! We were cheering for McCoy-Big12!

The Today Show! Did you see us!
We had our fun and enjoyed our treats. Part of the excitement of traveling for me is experiencing the foods that are special to the area….even if it is a rich piece of cheesecake or giant pastrami sandwich. Remember, it’s what you do 90% of the time that matters. Enjoy yourself and enjoy food!
Happy Holidays from Sara B Consulting!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
coming soon…New Year’s Resolution specials!

3 thoughts on “New York…the sights and smells…of food that is :)

  1. Not so sure about the pastrami sandwich, but the Rice-cream (or whatever it was) looks amazing! Is it like PinkBerry in LA?!

  2. We did share the pastrami sandwich after walking around NYC so that helped! Another ridiculous one to try is at Carnegie Deli. Now you thought Katz's sandwich was huge…

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