Hello CrossFitters!

I wanted to post pics from two CrossFit boxes I am fond of!

CrossFit Des Moines with Coach Mike Brown
setting up up the box (gym)

equipment arrived….bells, bars, and balls

teamwork…we’re all about the team atmosphere at CF!

Dad and I spraying away…I think I may be spraying Dad more than I am the equipment

Mike showing off his hulk-like strength

J spotting Mike in a handstand pushup

breaking the place in with a WOD

I finally figured out how to post videos! Wahoo!

CrossFit Epic over here in Iowa City with Coach Jason Jameson

Mike joined them for the lumberjack WOD, fundraiser for Ft. Hood

showing a good box jump…full extension on the top

sorry no scrumptious recipes today, but I am sure you can find one in the archives to fix this weekend! perhaps a warm soup or nutrient packed veggie hash?
Until next time…
look, good, feel good, do good

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