Nutrition Bites #5 – Managing snack time

Happy Easter!
I thought this Nutrition Bite seemed appropriate for the holiday.

Sara B Consulting principle #5 – Schedule snack time
Who doesn’t love that warm baked cookie or chocolate-caramel filled egg?

In my consulting I try to teach people to have no “guilty” feelings about food. This feeling should have no relationhip what so ever to food. Guilty is what you feel for breaking a law, telling a lie, or being a bully……..not for eating.

If we feel guilt then we are not managing our well being. I have no cheat foods….I enjoy my cheesecake, cookies, ICE CREAM, and cake…the kicker…I know how to manage it. I don’t keep them around, I enjoy sharing dessert with my husband at a fancy restaurant, I don’t do “diet junk food”…what’s the point, and I train my butt off which gives me a little more flexibility. As my #9 principle goes… it’s what you do 90% of the time that matters. So DON’T feel guilty about the 10% or you’ll go crazy!

Food is our fuel. “Eat to Live, not live to eat.” Benjamin Franklin

with that I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite desserts on my blog

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