Toad Food

Oh, how I love kids and the funny things they say…

My mom emailed me to say she made the tofu & sun dried tomato recipe ( for family dinner last night.
Everyone loved it including my niece Emmerson (9) who thought she was eating
“toad food.”
Does that not put a smile on your face!
J and I love this recipe as well and made another batch this weekend…this time with quinoa instead of brown rice and green beans instead of peas….either way it’s the bomb.
Here are other fun comments from children of families I have worked with:

“Yesterday, the kids were headed to the pantry for snacks with friends, where they discovered the new (healthified) shelves. It was cute to hear all the kids explain the changes: “We can’t eat a lot of junk anymore.”(Evan) “We are being healthier now.” (Cole) “Ya – her name is Sara.” (Sophia)”

“How come if you are suppose to shop the outside aisles of the grocery store are the ho ho’s there?”

“Mom, would Sara want us to eat that?” …I am known as the “health witch” in that family…which I accept with pride 🙂

Although I did not leave you with a recipe today…I hope I gave you a good laugh!

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

5 thoughts on “Toad Food

  1. The first time my son recognized parsley, he asked what it was and said, "Mom! I don't EAT grass!" He also will only eat the stems of broccoli b/c he says "I don't EAT trees!" You gotta love kids 🙂


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