Solon Track – State Champs

Coach Sands, Coach Dan, Coach Joe (not pictured) and I are proud coaches………..
Solon girl’s track
Not only did the girls win, but the boys took the title as well! Talk about domination!
But first, the road to the title…
road trippin‘ and rockin‘ out with a van full of girls!
Cheering our Solon Spartans on!
4×200 after they won the relay! 4×100 went on to win as well!
my first track coach way back in 5th grade…Father Kirby (his team, Dowling, went on to place 2nd in 4A)
congratulating the girls after anxiously awaiting the final meet scores

chatting with the 4×400 who finished off the meet and helped bring home the title
this was a complete team effort and I am soooo proud of everyone!
oh…did I mention we TIED…can you believe it!?
Hey, we don’t mind sharing the title with Gilbert as long as we don’t have to share a trophy 🙂

Coach Sands congratulating Gilbert
the seniors, the hurdlers
of course Jeremy and my dad came out to support the team

Abby (my cooking buddy) and I

the hurdlers surprised me with a “We Will Miss You” sign 🙁

I can not express how proud and honored I am to have coached Solon girls track. It was beyond my expectations and am blessed to have had the experience. They are true champions on and off the track. I was impressed with how much class, work ethic, and unity the ladies and school displayed.
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

3 thoughts on “Solon Track – State Champs

  1. Hey Solon Girls!
    Congrats on a great season! I know it's bitter sweet since Coach Boisen is leaving after only a short time, even so remember you did have that quality time learning and being inspired by her even if it was only a short time. The best way to honor Coach B is to keep the spirit and the fire glowing so that her inspiration can be passed on from season to season.
    Fr. Jim Kirby
    PS…there's a reason why I like to take photos…its because that way I don't horrify people by being in them. (See photo above! Yikes)

  2. Thanks for those kind words Fr. Kirby, means a lot coming from you!
    I like how you put such a positive light on the situation.
    I was just thinking how I will have a LONG state track meet next year since I'll probably have to attend both sessions 🙂
    Have a good one!

  3. Great job at State! Thanks so much to all the amazing track coaches the girls had. The McKinnie family appreciate all the positive and encouraging input. It was a fun season to watch!

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