Baby S Update – Week 20

Week 20 – half way!

The baby is now the size of a cantaloupe

J and I cannot believe we are already at week 20! Man, it goes fast once you get over huggin the toilet and hittin snooze. In fact, I really don’t feel too pregnant at all.

As I was reading the baby bible “What to Expect When Expecting” the other day I turned the book and learned my biggest “lesson” yet. I saw a cute, cuddly baby smiling at me and it hit me….

the outcome of all this reading, excitement, and body changes IS AN ACTUAL BABY!

THAT, my friend, is what to expect…..a crying, pooping, yet your very own loveable, BABY!

Speaking of baby, we finally got our first peaks today of our little one…

Do you see a butt chin?! It’s a Boisen trademark

side profile of the face and arm

little feet

People always ask us if we are ready….I respond “ready or not….we’re having a baby and can’t wait!”
People also ask for some “baby bump” pics, so here you go…

ha, only kidding! Jezz, it looks like I’m having a lumpy baby.

Did you know that they have pillow bumps you can try on at maternity stores…how funny!
That is something I did not need to know 5 months ago.

Now I’m full of new baby knowledge like
did you know the baby has taste buds and will develop some likes and dislikes to foods based on what I eat
. Pass the brussel sprouts!

For real this time, here is my belly progression.
As you can see, it’s not that exciting. Still waiting for it to really “pop” as they say.

Week 20

Some exciting tidbits:

I can feel the baby move! Feels like gas bubbles (although I tend to have more movement after chili)….or for the more proper “butterfly flutters.”

We’re having a….surprise! That’s right, we will not be discovering what the gender of the baby is. It’s funny when you tell people this and how they respond….
Older generations
– “that’s great!” “so much better that way.” “so fun.”

Younger generations – “What! Are you CRAZY!?” “How will you know what to buy?” “Can you do that?”

I am running the Des Moines half marathon on Oct. 17th! The baby and I love to run in this crisp fall weather. Kelli, Mike, and J will be joining me.

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

3 thoughts on “Baby S Update – Week 20

  1. Sara I am SO EXCITED for you!! I cannot wait for Baby S 🙂
    It's so awesome that you are enjoying your journey, and are still setting fitness goals along the way (Des Moines).

    I will help whenever you need, laundry, and a babysitter for when you're ready 🙂

    Talk to you soon! Cross-country is over the week after next, so we should get together when we both have a free day!

    Love, Abby

  2. Sara – Thom and I waited until the moment of birth to find out what we were having. All I can say is it was the BEST decision. We did the nursery in yellows and blues, and it past the test 3 kids in a row :-)!

    Another advantage is when all that Lamaze stuff goes out the window b/c the pain is TERRIBLE (but bearable!), you are focused on what's coming out… little BOY or my little GIRL?!?!?!

    Until next time……
    Look pregnant, feel pregnant….and enjoy it all!!!

    Cheryl Rowen

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