Spendy grocery stores have skinnier shoppers

Yesterday I was in Omaha with Jeremy. He had some work to attend to, so sent me off shopping. Where do I go….Whole Foods 🙂

After I perused the store for about 2 hours, ate lunch, and snacked on gelato (not quite the same as Italy but pretty dang good) I was in love.
I had been to the one in Austin a couple years back, but had slightly forgotten how much I enjoyed it! As I wish we could get one here in Iowa City or Des Moines, I do love my coop New Pioneer and Des Moines will be debuting a Trader Joe’s on November 5th.

I just happened to have this article sent to me today and thought I would share!
Spendy grocery stores have skinnier shoppers, UW study finds
To watch the video and read article, click on above link

Until next time…
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