Notre Dame

Coach Mike, Coach, Kelli, and I received our crossfit endurance certifications this weekend!
Check out or Crossfit Endruance for more info (the pic is from HyVee tri!). Excited share what I learned with my track girls, endurance junkie friends, and DSM crossfitters.

Notre Dame

For Mike and Kelli’s 1st Anniversary, Kelli surprised Mike (longtime Notre Dame fan) with tickets to the game on October 30th…..(for those who didn’t know, paper is the 1st anniversary gift).

J and I tagged along for the ride as we had never been to South Bend and were looking forward to a football weekend there.
Mike (brother-in-law) and Kelli (sister)
the night before we left we watched Rudy which made seeing famous sights like “Touchdown Jesus” even more memorable
Very cool cancer memorial. Each colored ribbon is for a different type of cancer.
I failed to take any dining pictures except for this funny experience at a local pub….
we managed to break our table and chair while there. It wasn’t our fault though and got a free round of drinks!
Our table literally collapse from under us….
you’ll see on the picture that the table top should be about 2 feet off the barrel…ha

the campus is absolutely beautiful with the stadium smack dab in the middle

that’s real gold up there…kinda like their football helmets

the Grotto, lit up with prayer requests

look at this campus!!!

we watched the players and coaches head into church service

Go Irish!

Good times with good people!
Sorry this wasn’t a very (well really not at all) food related post, but had to share.
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

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