Riviera Maya – Playa del Carmen

Arriving at your destination is great, but traveling there can be quite the drag…

many people battle getting sick, hungry, and stressed while traveling
to help combat this I come well prepared with healthy food that not only helps me stay bug-free while vacationing but also saves me money as I don’t have to purchase sub-par airport food
food list:
homemade turkey jerky
Kind, Cliff and Odwalla bars
dried fruit
chocolate bites for my sweet tooth
protein powder
my breakfast pack:
steal cut oats, raisins, honey, protein, PB, multi-vitamin
don’t get me wrong though….I love checking out the local fare…
La Buena Vida was right on the beach in Akumal
you could even eat and drink in these sketchy, but cool treehouses
we opted for the “ground-level” table
lots of ceviche
and guac!
fish tacos are a fan favorite
our first night in Playa at a very authentic eatery. It was literally right on the sidewalk

we could not figure out what this was, turns out it is a giant hanging thing of meat…kinda looks like a bee hive

We did do other things besides enjoy cervezas (well not me) and guacamole….
here are some of the highlights
Jeremy and I and Kelli and Mike
Playn‘ and relaxn‘ by the pool

J tried his hand at these giant water balls
it gave us a good laugh

work it boys
We headed to Cozumel for a day trip
and rented scooters to make our way around the island
does this remind anyone else of “Dumb & Dumber”

the scooters allowed us to see some less populated and beautiful places
however, about 15 minutes till we got back to town Mike’s scooter gave a startling pop and died….
notice Mike pushing his scooter as J joyfully rides away
waiting & waiting for a ride
maybe if I flash my baby bump that will speed things along
maybe we should have gone with one of these

trying on some of the local attire
Catamaran ride and snorkeling

we stopped at a beach for burgers and got to play on all these fun water toys!

the Cozumel Ironman just happened to be the previous weekend…J was in heaven. We even ran into people we knew from Des Moines!

J spent the entire afternoon building his beach front property
where’s the nursery?
Tulum beach with Mayan ruins in background

Dive shop, pool….where else would you need to go!?
Akumal beach

Sunrise on our last morning

Hey….let go!

do we look like movie stars!?
now we’re back in 10 degree weather and snow…at least it feels like Christmas!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, be good

2 thoughts on “Riviera Maya – Playa del Carmen

  1. The beach with slides was in Cozumel (several beaches have them once on the island). We took a snorkling tour that ended there. Very fun for families…as adults 🙂

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