Baby S Update – Week 35

Not that we’re counting but…

31 days till Baby S’s predicted due date!!!
J and I are so excited to finally meet him or her.
Besides the occasional heartburn, things are going really well and I feel great. It is crazy how much your belly grows in these last few weeks, but then again if you think about fitting a 20 inch and 6-8 lb baby in there you realize why. I swear it grew an inch alone last week! J makes fun of all the groaning and grunting noises I make trying to put on my shoes.
Week 34 and Week 35
Week 35 – feeling some rib kicks now

I am still rockin‘ and rollin‘ the workouts, mostly it’s short running intervals on the treadmill mixed in with Crossfit Mom workouts.
There’s also some up hill walking, cross country skiing, and rowing mixed in there.
Swimming feels the best since I’m pretty much one fin away from being a whale.
To get my nesting fix, J and I decided to order our crib

we have turned half the office into a nursery for now
(since were in the process of selling/moving)

we have also stocked up on a few gender neutral onesies that we found pretty irresistible

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

2 thoughts on “Baby S Update – Week 35

  1. Sara – you look great! I have loved seeing your progress on here! Good to see you got your crib…you just never know…our daughter came 21 days early!

    Good luck with selling your house. I hear you are working with Shawna B in Des Moines. We went to college with her and also bought our house with her. She's wonderful!

    Best wishes to the three of you!

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