Seared Scallops w/ herbs and grapefruit

I heard a great thought from Dr. Oz the other day….what do you see when you look in your medicine cabinet?
I see the rainbow….apples, blueberries spinach, kale
and lean proteins…Omega 3 eggs, free range chicken, grass fed beef, Greek yogurt
and whole grains…Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, whole wheat flour, cooked quinoa
and healthy fats…ground flaxseed, a leftover smoothie with chia seeds, walnuts
that’s right, I’m talking about your fridge! Practice preventative medicine with a nutrient-dense diet
and for those who say “healthy” food is too expensive, I say….PAY NOW OR PAY LATER!

The other night I prepared one of J’s and I favorite recipes for scallops:
Seared Scallops
w/ herbs and grapefruit

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

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