Drake Relays!

The Drake Relays have been a part of my life ever since I was a middle schooler. It just took me a little longer to finally hit my stride. Twice I got beat out and missed the oppurtunity to run in the shuttle relay that they conduct on the infield of the big blue oval. Having been beat by a hair and vowing never to be an “alternate” again my luck soon turned around.

Middle School… that was one thing, High School I never had to be an alternate again. I was blessed to have very successful races and relays from freshman year to senior year. The blessings continued into college as I got to “come home” to run on the big blue oval for ISU!

I hope everyone has a great Drake Realys weekend!

Here is just one of many reasons I love the sport: Inspiring Run
Good luck to all the runners, jumpers and throwers and let’s play track!

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Drake Relays!

  1. It was raining soooo hard that race….but then again, when was it not!? 🙂 those are good memories! I have a whole series of these pictures of you handing off to me (kinda like one of those flip books)….this is the one were I was making the least weird face :/

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