Throw Together Pasta Salad

My mom is the queen of making something out of nothing (she could probably make a 9 course meal out of peanut butter, cottage cheese, and apples) so taking some inspiration from her I threw together a cold pasta salad with the leftover goulash noodles, whatever veggies I had on hand, and a few basic condiments.

Throw Together Pasta Salad


cooked whole wheat noodles

green beans

fresh or canned diced tomatoes

red onion

honey mustard

olive oil

sea salt

ground black pepper

other seasoning suggestions: garlic, dill, Italian dressing


A little of this and a little of that….mix it together 🙂

Just remember FASS when putting together a recipe….

do you have a fat, acid, sweetener, spice?

Until next time…

look good, feel good, do good

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