24 Day Challenge

Check out Zach’s incredible results! Hard work really does pay off!

“My goal for the 24 Day Challenge was to lose as much fat as possible while putting on as much muscle as possible. I also wanted to incorporate healthier eating habits into my life. I feel I achieved both of these goals.
I lost over 20 pounds of total weight while trimming off more than that in fat weight, and increased my muscle mass at the same time. I am definitely on a better overall diet than before: no more soda (haven’t had one since the start of 2011), very limited fast food, more vegetables/fruits and less processed foods. I feel better physically and mentally than I have in a long time. My wardrobe has basically doubles, as I can now wear shirts I haven’t been able to fit into in years. I had to buy some new jeans, and old pairs fit much baggier than before. My energy is up and I actually look forward to working out.
My favorite part of the challenge was it was simple and easy to follow. It wasn’t a drastic change in food intake like most diets. It’s more a matter of learning what to cut out and manage what you put in better.
I greatly appreciate all the info and support I received from Sara. It makes the whole process easier knowing you have someone who can answer your questions and be supportive of you!
If you are willing to make the commitment to changing your diet long term and incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle, I would highly recommend it. I ended up doing the challenge for 90 days instead of just 24, which took a lot of commitment. But it was definitely worth the effort.

Overall I had a great experience, and hope that people can gain motivation for their own goals by hearing how well it can work and really how easy it is to make a few changes to your lifestyle to make yourself feel better!”

So proud of you Zach!

Get ready for summer by contacting me today for more info on Sara B’s 24 Day Challenge!

PS…have you heard the exciting news….DSM is getting a WHOLE FOODS!!! WAHOO! Finally, one stop shopping…I don’t have to drive all around town for local and organic foods.

Until next time…

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3 thoughts on “24 Day Challenge

  1. sara, i'm new to iowa city and i was just wondering if you joined the new pioneer food co-op while you where here? if you did, did you enjoy it? use it often?

  2. Hey Kenzie! Thanks for checking out the blog! I LOVE New Pioneer and did join the co-op. Not sure if I took advantage of whatever that means but did shop there for a lot of my local and organic produce. Hope you enjoy!

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