Kid Nutrition Tips and Tricks

Enjoy this educational video about nutrition for your kids:
Kid Nutrition Tips and Tricks

Ways to win the healthy-food battle:
Imprint healthy tastes– “if you only expose your baby to healthy, whole foods from the beginning, taste buds will develop to enjoy and crave those foods.: says Robert Sears, MD. Limit processed foods such as baby crackers.
Try, try again– Offer a wide variety of veggies and fruits and introduce one at least 16 times, Alan Greene, MD author of Feeding Baby Green.
Follow the one-bite rule– When kids know they only need to trey (not finish) new foods, peace reigns at the dinner table.
Presentation is everything– Grate, peel, chop your veggies and fruit. Add sesame oil, curry spice, cinnamon, a scoop of nut butter. Try making faces and shapes. Anything to add some interest in the food.
Dip it– Veggies are more fun when dunked…NOT in high saturated fat dressings like Ranch but a protein-rich, low-fat Greek yogurt….try my Green Goddess Dip.
Give you child the chef’s hat– LOVE THIS ONE! Empowerment equals enthusiasm. Plus learning to prepare healthy food is an invaluable lifelong skill,, says Diana Kalnins, RD coauthor of Better Food for Kids.

Update: this podcast about breastfeeding was brought to my attention the other day!
They’re not for you, they’re for my baby!

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