New Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 List

Apples top the list of the dirty dozen…did you know 98% of conventional apples tested had pesticides….I prefer apples and peanut butter, not apples and pesticides.
Celery comes in second testing positive for 57 different pesticides….yum, pesticides are my favorite seasoning….NOT!
Strawberries wouldn’t look to beautiful and delicious if we could see the 13 different pesticides lingering on them….imagine each seed being a speak of chemicals…nasty.

See list here
Challenge: Do your best at feeding your body and your kids organic to limit the exposure to pesticides, growth hormones, antioxidants, and fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients. Start with one food item on the dirty dozen….say apples. Always choose to purchase organic, then move to spinach. Find the dirty dozen items that are on sale at your grocery store and purchase those. Yes, they may be slightly more costly but it’s worth your health. Pay now or pay later as I always say.

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