Picky Eater Pleaser

I have become my mom….growing up and to this day she clips out coupons, newspaper articles, magazine pages, anything she thought pertained to us and our interests.  These are placed in the back room with our names in big black maker over the top of it.  If you see two names “SARA”, KELLI”, that meant you had to pass the clipping along.  If fact, we joke to our spouses that you know Mom Kay has excepted you into the family when you have your very own pile waiting for you 🙂
Well as I look at my desk I see piles of newspaper and magazine clippings waiting to be shared to YOU, my blog readers.  So this article has “MOMS WITH PICKY EATERS” written on the top.  I found it in the newest addition to my magazine collection…Parenting Magazine.

Picky Eater Pleasers
My kids are fussy eaters, but one thing they’ll always eat is organic boxed macaroni and cheese.  Whenever I make it for them, I bump up the nutrition by nixing the milk and butter and substituting a jar of organic sweet-potato baby food and 4 T plain Greek yogurt.  Mixed with the cheese, it creates a creamy sauce my kids love.  They won’t eat in any other way!  I love that it gives them a boost of protein, vitamin C and vitamin A.  -Melissa W. From Parenting Magazine

Other great ideas are mixing in tuna, broccoli, or peas to your mac & cheese!  Do you have any clever ideas to getting your kids to eat fruits and veggies?  Please share!

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