Where do I find me some soy?

I came across a good article on soy foods in one of my foodie magazines (Soyfoods Made Easy, Today’s Dietitian, by Denise Webb, PhD, RD) and thought I would share with ya’all the cliff notes as I found it to be a nice guide.
The evidence linking soy and the prevention of coronary heart disease is very strong.  In fact, the FDA allows any food that is low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol and contains at least 6.2grams of soy to carry a heart health claim.  The benefit is said to be because of the soy protein rather than the soy isoflavone content. 

So where do I find me some soy, you ask? 

  • edamame – large soybeans, found in the frozen food aisle.  I LOVE them has a filling snack or as an appetizer before sushi!
  • miso – thick, smooth paste made from soybeans, a grain, and a mold culture (doesn’t sound too appetizing), but miso soup is YUMMY and another thing I like to order before sushi.  Miso is very high in sodium (1/8C contains 1,282mg so beware).
  • soymilk – how do you get soymilk anyways…milk a soybean?  🙂 Soybeans are soaked, finely ground, and then strained.  Pick your flavor, they probably make it…vanilla, chocolate, chia, green tea, and soy nog, just watch out for added sugars.  For most things soy can replace cow’s milk however, it is not nutritionally equivalent.
  • soynuts –  soaked and baked soybeans make a great to-go snack or salad topper!  1/2C of soynuts provides 34grams of protein!
  • soy sauce – who knew!?  Look for low-sodium varieties. 
  • tofu – if you haven’t tried my Pesto Tofu yet, you’re missing out. This is a great protein source for Meatless Mondays.
  • tempeh – whole soybean mixed with a grain.  It is very versatile as it can be grilled, added to soups, casseroles, or slice on sandwiches.  I have never personally tried, so if any of my readers out there have a good tempeh recipe for me I would love to feature it!

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B

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