Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal

J and I love breakfast and we are partial towards oatmeal (steel cut or old fashioned).  When we discovered this fun variation that has similarities to our other favorite meal, dessert, we knew we had to try! 

Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal

1/2-1 C skim milk or almond, rice, soy
1/4 C lite coconut milk
1/2 C old fashioned oats
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use NNW Healthy Whey)
half banana
optional: slivered almonds, unsweetened coconut flakes
Bring milks to a boil in a small to medium saucepan.  Add oats and cook till oats are creamy and to your desires consistency.  Combine protein powder with 1/4 C water and add to oats.  Pour into dish and top with optional garnishes!

J rocking the course and Jingle Cross cylco cross race in Iowa City

Do you have a tasty variation for oatmeal?  I would love to hear!
Until next time…
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Sara B.

3 thoughts on “Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal

  1. I add 1/2 scoop of Cinnamon Bun NNW protein powder (found at Hy Vee), 1-2 tsp almond butter, and raisins to my oatmeal and love it!

  2. @ Susan…I LOVE that protein flavor from HyVee…it is the BEST flavor to add to oats! Anyway…I saw a post the other day for sweet potato and almond butter to oats that I am just craving! I usually to toasted walnuts with almond milk, cloves and vanilla protein 🙂

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