New York Marathon or Bust!

After weeks of training, miles on the pavement, and 9 months after giving birth….J and I are off to run the New York City Marathon! 

We are both very excited and ready to run!  Unlike Boston, where I hadn’t ran for a month before the race due to an injury, this time we are healthy and happy.  You know how they say you get faster after giving birth…I’m ready to test that out 🙂

This will be my third marathon, after each one I have said it’ll be my last.  Then I saw this list printed and taped above J’s computer:

Without further ado; the world’s top 10 marathons:

1. London Marathon, April
2. Berlin Marathon, September
3 New York City Marathon, November  check
4. Chicago Marathon, October  check
5. Boston Marathon, April  check
6. Stockholm Marathon, June
7. Rotterdam Marathon, April
8. Paris Marathon, April
9. Honolulu Marathon, December
10. Amsterdam Marathon, October

oh jezzz!

What races have you competed in, recommend, and why?  It can be tris, road races, adventure…would love to hear from you!

See you at the finish line!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B

4 thoughts on “New York Marathon or Bust!

  1. I did one of the North Face Off Road Race Series runs outside Breckenridge CO this summer. I had never run off road before…. I highly recommend trying one form this series if you happen to be in CO during the summer. You will do great in NYC race Sara! Good luck!!!

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