Friday the 13th-Scary Sales

Seems there are a lot of scary things on Friday the 13th…black cats, ladders….and grocery store sales!  

A local grocery store is holding a Lucky 13 sale but I wouldn’t consider it so lucky for your health.
While there are a couple decent options like cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce for the most part I am really disappointed in the Lucky 13 Sale.
The unlucky sale items include:
Jack’s frozen pizza (about 1300 calories in one pie)
Banquet frozen dinners (the pictured dinner in the ad is a colorful plate of chicken nuggets, corn and mac and cheese)
White bread or whole wheat bread that has HFCS in the ingredient list

Beware of all the scary Friday the 13th happenings!  Especially the grocery store sales!

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.

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