Salad in Jar

I am pulling a post from another blog today as I just HAD to share this clever idea.  I’ve talked about Super Sized Sundays in the past.  This is where you prepare meals, veggies, and snacks for the week to make healthy eating at your finger tips. One of my favorites is to boil eggs for an easy breakfast or egg salad lunch!  
When I saw this blog I knew the recipe had to be added to the Sunday lineup:

Salad in a Jar  from the Newlyweds blog

There are so many variations you can do.  Tell me about yours or send a pick and I’ll share on the blog!

Until next time…
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Sara B.

One thought on “Salad in Jar

  1. This looks delicious, and so pretty! I love the idea of making these on Sunday and grabbing them throughout the week! I know I’m late – but I love the new website 🙂

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