Taco Night!

Taco night is a popular night in most households.  For mom, it’s an easy dinner to whip up. For kids, it’s fun to create your own meal and eat with your fingers!  There are a few things that can help turn your regular taco night into a “healthified” taco night.

Taco tips:
-Choose whole grain tortillas: I like Stacey’s organics @ Gateway Market or Trader Joe’s has some nice varieties. 
-Ground beef: good-93%, better-96%, best-grass fed ground beef (I buy from Wallace Farms)
-Choose 2% cheese or better yet omit all together
-Make your own refried beans by mashing up black beans
-Salsa is a wonderful condiment so nothing to change there however you can use fresh tomatoes for a low sodium option
-Diced avocado for a healthy fat addition

What is your favorite item to top a taco with? J would say Cholula!

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.

3 thoughts on “Taco Night!

  1. We LOVE tacos too- staple in our house. To add veggies to the mix, I buy the frozen peppers from Trader Joes. Quick and easy for those nights you don’t have time to chop them all up. Cottage cheese is also one of my favs, but I haven’t gotten my husband or the boys to buy into that yet 🙂

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