Frozen Crock Pot Meals

As I perused Facebook the other night, my pal Erica had this intriguing picture posted:

So as I investigated I discovered one of the best “Super Sized Sunday” tricks yet!  Erica is a busy teacher and mom of two.  Come spring she adds coaching track and late meets to the duties.  Because of this she wanted to provide her family with wholesome meals while she is away (so there are no McDonald stops she says). 
So what is the awesome trick!?  Complete frozen crock pot meals!  All she has to do is choose a bag, empty into crock pot in the AM and dinner is ready for the family in the PM!  She found the idea on Pinterest on the blog The Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis
On the blog you will find 5 recipes:
Savory Vegetable Beef Soup
Teriyaki Chicken
Balsamic & Onion Pot Roast
Healthy BBQ Chicken
Stephanie’s Goulash 
Melissa even has the grocery list of all the goods you’ll need to grab at the store.  Could it get any easier!  This makes for no excuses for a healthy, homemade dinner for the family!  I plan to prepare these as I start track season as well and want to leave J and Trey with mom approved meals.  I am sure I will make a few “tweaks” and will be sure to post. 

Thanks for sharing Erica!
Until look good…
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Sara B.

One thought on “Frozen Crock Pot Meals

  1. Tried the BBQ Chicken meal last week…we served over brown rice. AMAZING! The chicken fell apart at the touch of the fork. You must try!
    Sara B.

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