Trey’s 1st Birthday

Trey celebrated his 1st Birthday on February 16th!  I can’t believe a year has gone by already since we were introduced to our little stud. The joys he brought us in just a year are too many to count.  It’s also hard to believe we will be doubeling those blessings in 5 months with Baby S2’s arrival.

Trey is sporting the very same shirt J wore on his 1st Birthday!

For his birthday we had a bike themed bash.  It was actually just a small family get together with chili and cake.  

getting pumped up for the party

I order my cakes from Classic Cakes in Clive.  The owner, Carolyn makes amazingly tasty and creative cakes.  Each one has a personal touch.  For J and Mike’s (brother-in-law and owner of Crossfit Des Moines) birthday she made a cake with a road bike and kettlebell on it. 

Trey’s “1” cake

Many people asked, “are you getting him a gluten-free, applesauce, health food cake?”  My answer to that is no, let’s be real.  I got Trey a real, homemade, delicious cake.  This is not an everyday, every week or month occurrence.  Do I care about feeding him organics, dye-free, whole foods….for sure!  But it is his birthday and I have no fear that I wrecked his diet for life.  You can see my philosophy on “treats” here. 

He polished it off!

Good times with good friends!

Unlike Christmas, Trey was all about the presents

Trey’s first 4-wheeler, of course from the Boisen family

We can really communicate now 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday Trey!  We love you!

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Until next time…
Look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.

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