People Mag…you made me mad

Ok, here I am on my soapbox 🙂  I promise to get off after I get this off my chest.  I was reading the recent issue of People Magazine (getting my gossip mag fix) when I came across an article about celebs getting their bodies back after babies.  There are mentions on how fast one needed to be red carpet ready and ate this, didn’t eat this, etc etc.  The race is on to get those figures back in business. 

Heck, Jessica Simpson signed a reportedly 3 million dollar deal with Watch Watchers to drop the weight.  I imagine with a deal like that she feels the pressure. Unfortunately, mama’s reading the magazine feel the pressure too and dieting is often their first thought after giving birth.  
One celeb, January Jones, mentions that nursing helped whittle her waistline back in shape. Wahooo!  The truth is breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to look great and lose weight post baby.  One, it helps contract your uterus back to normal size and two it burns upwards to 500 calories/day!  I know several women who with nursing got back to their pre-pregnacy weight in a respectable timeframe and many, including myself, actually ended up weighing less than when they got pregnant!
The kicker….NO DIETING in the first 6 weeks post birth!!! 
Your body needs every calorie it can spare to produce milk for your baby.  It is not the time to start fretting about cutting/counting calories. So don’t jump on the latest diet craze or get hung up on what the celebs did.  Just listen to your body!  Kind of like when you were pregnant….eat healthy and sensibly and it’ll all be alright. 
Awwww…that’s better.

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Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.

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