Making baby food is a Brezza

Making baby food is simple and affordable! 
Awhile back I was fortunate enough to receive a Baby Breeza to test and blog about.  With Charlee (7months) now at the age to eat solids it has become a countertop staple.  It is so incredibly easy to throw whatever produce I am prepping for the week into the Baby Breeza and have baby food ready in no time.  The all-in-one steam and blend feature allows for less mess which us moms can agree is a bonus! However, the best feature is you can set the “steam/blend” mode and walk away, go change a diaper, put a kid down for a nap, or go finish your game of Candyland. 

I’m a big fan and so is Charlee!

So far we have made broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, sweet potatos…all organic. 

Here is my baby food post from Trey.

Just last month a new study came out about starting solids. ” Currently, the AAP recommends waiting until 6 months. Until that time, the AAP recommends breast milk as the sole food for infants (along with necessarily vitamin supplements).” Check out the Huffington Post article here.

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