Sara B Consulting Principles- as seen on KCCI Ch. 8 News

Today is a very exciting day! Sara B Consulting will be making its big deput on TV!!!

I will be going over my Sara B Consulting Principles. These principles make up the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. All my clients whether they are athletes, kids, vegetarians, expecting moms or weight loss individuals use these as their guide to change. From there I set out a plan for each individual based on their exact needs….
because you are unique, so is your nutrition.

1. Be Mindful
Start focusing less of the distraction around you and more on the food in front of you!
You know when your at the movies and your munching on a big ol‘ bucket of popcorn….all of a sudden your hand hits bottom and you wonder…where did it all go?!? Exactly.
For me it was cereal and sitting in front of my computer. I would pour a bowl, eat it while perusing the internet and all of a sudden discover it was gone without even realizing I ate it….so I would go pour another. Mindless eating.

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch is a must read to learn about ending mindless eating and discovering intuitive eating.
Also visit: Mindless Eating-Why we eat more than we think.
2. Balance meals
Below you see portion plates. These are a guide to help you plan what goes on your plate. Usually, the most shocking thing for people is the discovering that half their plate should be fruits and/or veggies! The other portions should be 1/4 whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, rolls, quinoa, crackers), 1/4 lean protein (fish, turkey, chicken breast, lean ground beef, tofu) and a small portion of heart healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts).
At Sara B Consulting I work with each individual to help them figure their exact caloric needs and balance.
3. Clean Eating
Basically, the closer the food is to nature, the better. You can also say, the less ingredients, the better. Plan and simple, this is the way food was suppose to be. Not dyed, not processed, not poked, not prodded. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it.
It’s not hard to eat clean…steal cut oats, apples, oranges, broccoli, asparagus….all one ingredient.
Build recipes off of single ingredient foods…
pumpkin is one of my favorites (Pumpkin Cran Muffins)!

Even ice cream has come clean.
4. Schedule treat time
aka how to stay sane
I blogged about this topic awhile back. It was to discuss that there should be NO guilty feelings associated with food. Since when is food such a morale issue? Please visit Managing snack time.
a couple yummy recipes….Rhubarb Crisp and Muesli Cookies.
5. Eat throughout the day
Never go more then 4 hours without a meal or snack. I like to use the wood burning stove analogy for this one….your body is the stove, metabolism is the fire, and wood the food. We have to continually throw wood into the fire to keep it burning. If we stop throwing wood (stop eating), the fire goes out and it is harder to get it started again.
6. Pack a snack
BE PREPARED! Always carry a healthy snack with you…apple, banana, trail mix bars. People who are caught off guard find themselves in the fast food lanes making unhealthy choices.

these are my FAVORITE snack bars….Larabars

Very clean. Cashew Cookie’s ingredient list…cashews, dates

Peanut Butter Cookie’s (which tastes like a real PB cookies): Date, Peanuts, Salt
7. Choose to chew your calories
You will find eating an orange versus drinking orange juice is a lot more satisfying, filling, and offers addition nutrients.
and this should be a no brainier….stay away from caloric drinks such as regular soda, sports drinks (unless used for their purpose), and vitamin waters. WHY!?!
8. Fueling for performance
Nutrition plays a HUGE role in sports performance. For my athletes I set up individual sports nutrition plans. These cover the nutrition for the weeks/months prior to the race as well as the race day.
Proper nutrition can give you that edge over other competitors. It can also make your race day a bit more comfortable……they line race courses with porta potties for a reason 🙂
9. Effective food = effective performance
aka junk in = junk out…you eat junk you’ll preform like junk both physically and mentally.
10. 90/10 Rule
It’s not what you do 10% of the time, it’s what you 90% of the time that makes up your lifestyle…choose it to be healthy.
watch KCCI Channel 8 news tonight at 5 to learn more!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

Memory Lane…1 year Anniversary of Sara B Consulting Blog

Can you believe it!?! It’s been one whole year since I created this blog. My hopes were that at least my family would look at it and appreciate the recipes, nutrition bites, and sunshine I share. I had no idea what other impact it would have. Today I have 38 official followers with many more people emailing and facebooking me on a daily basis with questions/comments about recipes and health. LOVE IT!
Some tell me how they are inspired by the blog…. it is actually them who inspire me.
I appreciate all who have tried to implement health into their lives and even more into their families’.

Today we are going to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of my favorite moments and recipes this year.

my very first blog

HyVee Triathlon 2009

Chicken Veggie Enchiladas

the best muffins in the world! Pumpkin Cranberry Whole Wheat Goodness

Wedding Bells & Sushi

Delicious Dinner, Dirty Husband: Cranberry and Sage Stuffed Chicken

Honeymooning in Italy , our motto:
“Wander till you see something cool to look at or good to eat!”

Vegetable Hash

Kelli’s Favorite: Soy and Honey Glazed Salmon aka SO GOOD

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Phew….so many good times and yummy recipes! I will continue down memory lane after a water break.

But Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good

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