Baby S2 Update & other happenings

Wow!  Where does the time go when expecting #2!? 

WEEK 21 (as of 4/3)!
The first time around J and I had a stack of pregnancy books we would read each week for updates.  This time I’m lucky if I skim it once/month.  However, I can rest assured that the baby is growing big and strong inside of me as we had our 21 week ultrasound last week and everything looks good!
He or she was pretty shy but did manage to stick its little tongue out at us 🙂
Weighing in at about 13oz he/she is the same size Trey was at this time. 
I am feeling more and more movement, but J is anxiously awaiting his first fist pump. 
I feel it most when I kick my feet up for a bit…which isn’t long as I still enjoy getting active doing Crossfit, running, swimming, and biking on the trainer. 

Trey is excited about the baby and likes to sport his “Big Brother” shirt every now and then.
He also suprised us with his first official word (other than “mama,” “dada,” & “uh-oh”)….BABY!
When I ask Trey: “Where’s the baby?” He walks over to me and lifts up my shirt to expose my belly button.  He then goes on to give it a good scratch while smiling.  However, sometimes when ask “Where’s the baby?” he proceeds to left his own shirt and show off his growing belly 🙂

Babymoon #2
J and I took babymoon #2 back in February to Kaui, HI.  We had a great time surfing, hiking, whale watching, and snorkeling.  What a beautiful island!

J and I spent an afternoon learning how to surf

while we both caugh some waves, J really caught on…

check him out after just 2 hours of lessons….wow! 😉

Dowling Track
The last big happening around here is I started coaching hurdles for Dowling Catholic High School.  I am very excited to be back coaching after a break last year.  Dowling seems to be a perfect fit (and yes, that’s coming from a former Valley girl)! 

Trey at his first high school meet

Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen!

Until next time…
Look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.