5 Tips & Tricks to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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Here is my article: 5 Tips & Tricks to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain and recipe.

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Filling Up On Fiber

Check out the Iowa Life section in the Des Moines Register today to learn more about fiber!  The article entitled “Get healthy: FIber is key to a healthy lifestyle” has great info on the importance of fiber in your diet. You may also see a quote from a familiar face 🙂

You may notice the most important purpose of fiber is not mentioned so I’ll shout it out here….FIBER HELPS KEEP YOU REGULAR! 🙂

One of my tips and tricks to increasing fiber in your daily diet is to add in ground flaxseed. See my post from last week: Bring on the Flax!

How do you make sure you get the recommended daily amount of fiber?  Please share in the comments!

Looking for recipes with high amounts of fiber?  Contact me for a fiberful cooking class!

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Farmer’s Market Food – Fresh and Fit

Have you visited your local farmer’s market yet!? There is no excuse as there are a bizillion in Iowa….here’s a list to find one near you.

Check out my latest article in Iowa Momentum Magazine

recipes found here

Thanks to my intern Caroline McKinney for her contribution!

Great quote: “If only we cared as much about our Net Health as we do our Net Wealth.” -Sekou Andrews

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Natural Energy Bars

The “bar” aisle at the grocery store can be daunting…all those flavors, brands, ingredients, and claims.


Hopefully this article from http://www.appforhealth.com/ will help clear up some of that confusion:



You may run across a familiar name within the article 🙂
Here is another great article:




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