Charlee Elizabeth Schwertfeger

Jeremy, Trey and I feel so blessed to have welcomed the 4th member of our family on August 12th at 6:13pm.  Charlee Elizabeth was a pleasant early birthday gift for me…God sure knows how to give the best presents. 
Charlee (pronounced like Charlie) came into this world at 7lbs 9oz and 19 inches long.  She also arrived just a little bit faster than her brother (see Trey’s birth recap here)…I see a little competitive drive already 🙂
Here’s how it all went down:
Sunday morning J, Trey and I decided to make a little road trip to Ames to walk around the ISU campus and have brunch at The Cafe.  We had a great time chasing around Trey as he explored the campanile and Cy’s statue. 

On the way home around 12:45pm I felt my first contraction.  Upon arriving home J and I decided to get the bags packed.  We then proceeded to head outside to throw our new ISU football around with Trey 🙂 Around 3pm Kelli came over and we went for a walk. While walking I decided this was the real deal. A little history: I showed up at the hospital for Trey at 9cm and had him within a half hour….so we knew we needed to be a little bit more proactive this time or J would be delivering this baby at home. 
We packed up the car, took Trey to Kelli’s and arrived at the hospital at 4:30pm.  I was 6cm dilated and started to hit some decent contractions.  I made the commitment to myself to go all natural (no drugs) so I clenched my teeth, took deep breaths and squeezed J’s hand.  My water was broke at 5:30pm and for motivation I kept asking to see how dilated I was. It was music to my ears when they said it was time to push.  I took a deep breath and pushed.  The first push we saw the head, the second push the head came out and on the third push I looked down and saw a baby GIRL!  Charlee was born at 6:13pm.  I cannot thank J enough for helping me through labor as well as the wonderful nurses at Methodist West and Dr. MacEntaffer. We also want to give a special thanks to those that watched Trey while were were at the hospital: my sister and brother-in-law, Tara and family, and Kelli and family.   
We are tickled pink and look forward to the many memories Charlee will bring us. 

I plan to take some time off from Sara B Consulting, I appreciate your understanding!

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Baby S2 Update – Week 36 & Nesting

This is it…the final countdown…4 weeks to go for me and go time for my sister!
We both feel great and are getting anxious to meet the little ones squirming around inside us.

39 weeks & 35 weeks

And with the countdown….let the nesting begin!  On Sunday Kelli and I prepared 9 separate meals.  5 crockpot and 4 pans.  All will be frozen, so while we are busy with babies we have healthy and convenient meals.  The total cost comes to about $2.25 per serving and took 3.5 hours to prepare (not counting grocery shopping time).  Trust me….all is worth it! 

Start with cutting and prepping all veggies and set aside. Then move on to meat so there is no cross contamination. 

we’re done and dinner is ready for days to come!
Recipes for all the meals:
Meal 1-5
Frozen Crock Pot Meals – we made three of these recipes and combined into 5 meals
Meal 6
Turkey Lasagna
Meal 7
Chicken Enchiladas
Meal 8
Chicken Pot Pie
Meal 9
Veggie Mac & Cheese

week 25

week 30 & 34

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People Mag…you made me mad

Ok, here I am on my soapbox 🙂  I promise to get off after I get this off my chest.  I was reading the recent issue of People Magazine (getting my gossip mag fix) when I came across an article about celebs getting their bodies back after babies.  There are mentions on how fast one needed to be red carpet ready and ate this, didn’t eat this, etc etc.  The race is on to get those figures back in business. 

Heck, Jessica Simpson signed a reportedly 3 million dollar deal with Watch Watchers to drop the weight.  I imagine with a deal like that she feels the pressure. Unfortunately, mama’s reading the magazine feel the pressure too and dieting is often their first thought after giving birth.  
One celeb, January Jones, mentions that nursing helped whittle her waistline back in shape. Wahooo!  The truth is breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to look great and lose weight post baby.  One, it helps contract your uterus back to normal size and two it burns upwards to 500 calories/day!  I know several women who with nursing got back to their pre-pregnacy weight in a respectable timeframe and many, including myself, actually ended up weighing less than when they got pregnant!
The kicker….NO DIETING in the first 6 weeks post birth!!! 
Your body needs every calorie it can spare to produce milk for your baby.  It is not the time to start fretting about cutting/counting calories. So don’t jump on the latest diet craze or get hung up on what the celebs did.  Just listen to your body!  Kind of like when you were pregnant….eat healthy and sensibly and it’ll all be alright. 
Awwww…that’s better.

To see a past blog on the benefits of breastfeeding…. click here

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Baby Brown Shower & BabyS2 Update

My sister, Kelli, and I are having the fun experience of being pregnant together.  She is expecting her first baby (girl) in July.  Here we are at week 30 & 34 (and no, we didn’t plan our outfits for this pic 🙂

This past weekend our pal Rachel & I threw Kelli a shower.  Not too girly and kept it classy….totally Kelli’s style.

The food was soo delish!  On the menu: fresh fruit, my go to egg dish (I’ll post again soon), Rachel’s ice cream cups & banana walnut bread, and Marie’s raspberry Greek yogurt pie.

and of course, cakepops!  I am so proud of the lovely cakepop stand I made….with no help from Pinterest 😉  The vanilla cakepops came from D’lish D’serts.

Next up on the baby updates….The 3, I mean 4 of us headed to Puerto Rico for another prebaby get-a-way at week 28/29.

This time we took Trey and he LOVED his first splash in the ocean! 

He made sure to use all his senses while exploring the beach.

Family photo!
Some of our favorite places to eat while in San Juan…Mi Madres for Mexican and Tora Salao for tapas.

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Baby S2 Update & other happenings

Wow!  Where does the time go when expecting #2!? 

WEEK 21 (as of 4/3)!
The first time around J and I had a stack of pregnancy books we would read each week for updates.  This time I’m lucky if I skim it once/month.  However, I can rest assured that the baby is growing big and strong inside of me as we had our 21 week ultrasound last week and everything looks good!
He or she was pretty shy but did manage to stick its little tongue out at us 🙂
Weighing in at about 13oz he/she is the same size Trey was at this time. 
I am feeling more and more movement, but J is anxiously awaiting his first fist pump. 
I feel it most when I kick my feet up for a bit…which isn’t long as I still enjoy getting active doing Crossfit, running, swimming, and biking on the trainer. 

Trey is excited about the baby and likes to sport his “Big Brother” shirt every now and then.
He also suprised us with his first official word (other than “mama,” “dada,” & “uh-oh”)….BABY!
When I ask Trey: “Where’s the baby?” He walks over to me and lifts up my shirt to expose my belly button.  He then goes on to give it a good scratch while smiling.  However, sometimes when ask “Where’s the baby?” he proceeds to left his own shirt and show off his growing belly 🙂

Babymoon #2
J and I took babymoon #2 back in February to Kaui, HI.  We had a great time surfing, hiking, whale watching, and snorkeling.  What a beautiful island!

J and I spent an afternoon learning how to surf

while we both caugh some waves, J really caught on…

check him out after just 2 hours of lessons….wow! 😉

Dowling Track
The last big happening around here is I started coaching hurdles for Dowling Catholic High School.  I am very excited to be back coaching after a break last year.  Dowling seems to be a perfect fit (and yes, that’s coming from a former Valley girl)! 

Trey at his first high school meet

Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen!

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If 3’s a crowd…why not 4!?

Big news in the Schwertfeger house!  We’re expecting!  That’s right, Trey is going to be a big brother come August 14thish.  We are all very excited and feel extremely blessed.  Trey and Baby S2 will be exactly 18 months apart.  Because of the proximity of age we are asked….”was this planned!?” Coincidently, Trey’s new word is “uh-oh.” 🙂 Our response: “nope, no uh-oh.”  In just a year Trey has brought us so many laughs, hugs, kisses, and joys that why not double the love? 
Trey broke the news to his dad when he came from work. 

J didn’t really get it at first and thought it was a “Big Brother Big Sister” shirt…ha.  Finally, he caught on and shared in our excitement. 

We decided to let Trey break the news to the rest of our family and friends.  Everyone is so thrilled and can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the relay team.

As far as how I’ve been feeling at 12 weeks….about the same as Trey, maybe a little less nausea.  It mostly hits me at night so I find myself going to bed at 8pm to avoid it.  Working out has been consistent.  Of course, I am not able to go as hard at Crossfit and running, but that’s appropriate and fine by me to back it off.  Am I planning of doing any races as I did with Trey?  Not sure at the moment.  I will be busy coaching hurdles at Dowling this spring and might just have to stick to coaching rather than competing. 

As far as cravings go….I can’t help it if the things that sound the best are the sweets 😉

(cupcake from Cache Bake Shoppe
Luckily, this time around I haven’t had as many food aversions and can still manage to eat things like chicken breast and salad without a gag. 
Needless, to say I am looking forward to the second trimester, more energy, less queasiness, and reduced food aversions. 

To top off the news…my sister-in-law, Marie, is expecting in April and sister, Kelli, in July!  My parents will be very busy grandparents (making the total 7).

A trip down memory lane: Here’s my 1st post from last pregnancy!

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