Fall Festivities

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone has their costumes picked out and ready for the ghosts and goblins!  If you’re looking for candy don’t come knocking on my door…I’m handing out granola bars!  Go ahead, roll your eyes.  I’m not the only one fighting childhood obesity.  My mom is handing out fruit roll ups.  Do you have a healthified treat for all the little witches and werewolves?  Please share in the comments. 

I love fall!  There are so many happenings and ways to keep active.  Enjoy a few pics from our busy fall festivities.

High Trestle Trail

such a beautiful trail to ride…check out info here

Grandpa and Trey

We saw a sign that said winery 1 mile….so of course we veered off the trail and down a gravel road to find Snus Winery.  I perfect “aid” station if I say so myself.

and of course, we sampled the wine

Trey asked if he could do the corn maze…so we said oook

Howell’s Pumpkin Patch
this is a great place for kids to run around and have fun…might just have to make this an annual event…see last year’s photos

Trey enjoyed his first encounter with these aggressively hungry goats

Emmerson and Peyton (my nieces)

Mommy & Me Session with Melissa B Photography

Trey and I had a great time shooting these pics and surprising J!

Des Moines 1/2 Marathon (…NYC marathon in 9 days!)
time 1.37:29…10th out of 464 in my age group and J got 4th in his age group….until we realized I registered him as a female instead of a male…ooops.





Cedar Ridge Winery

I’m not really sure if it’s the fact that we took our Italian honeymoon almost one year ago or the fact that I am craving cheese, but J and I are missing Italy and everything it had to offer….
the delectable foods, the soul satisfying wines & wineries, the rich history coming to life, getting lost on narrow brick streets, and taking in the beautiful Amalfi Coast views.

To help fill this void we are feeling, we headed up to
Cedar Ridge Winery
(half way between Coralville & Cedar Rapids)

It was a beautiful evening to sit, enjoy wine…and water, a tasty cheese platter, nice views and live music.

I think this is our sign that it’s time to go.
There are sooo many wineries popping up in Iowa…I once heared Iowa is like the new Napa Valley 🙂
Find one near you, most have evening entertainment and sampling like we enjoyed at Cedar Ridge.

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good