Glacier National Park, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Cabin life is a good life….

Vacation began as Mom, Dad, Matt (brother), J and I drove the 5 hours from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho to Glacier National Park in Montana.
Dad scored this fantastic cabin for the 4 days we would spend exploring the park.
It was very easy to kick back and relax, make good food, and play cards.

our yard looked like it was part of the park…tons of wildlife spotted right from our porch…turtles, deer, skunk, elk, ground hogs, humming birds
of course Mom took off with her camera at the first site of a deer
we all came down to breakfast wearing our Crossfit Des Moines shirts…how cute

Glacier National Park
we enjoyed 4 hikes totaling 20 miles

the water was mesmerizing…so violent yet so peaceful

Hidden Lake Hike
3 miles on slippery, wet snow, but a fantastic place to get up close and personal with the mountain goats

Virginia Falls Hike
a surprising and refreshing shower awaits you at the end…in fact the falls was so large and spraying so much water we couldn’t get a picture

Avalanche Lake Hike
a beautiful aqua lake with 4 water falls plunging into the icy water awaits you

the trail was also home to a 500 year old forest….another words some very large vegetation

the lake made a great place for lunch and a quick nap….I kept one eye open for bears 🙂

Iceberg Lake Hike
the longest of the hikes, 9 miles
offered amazing views and a grizzly sighting…a sow and her three cubs!

at one time this lake had glacier on it, now just ice sheets
in fact, they estimate that by 2030 all the glaciers in the park will be gone 🙁
Yellowstone National Park
a quick pass through Yellowstone on the drive back to Iowa

huh, I was expecting more out of the Lodgehole Pine…I don’t know, maybe a few more needles
and of course we saw Old Faithful
Grand Tetons

these guys about crashed our lunch at Hidden Lake

this guy is seriously working the camera

we did see a grizzly and her three cubs as mentioned earlier
we also saw a black bear while overnighting it in Big Sky

oh my…this is a bear paw!?

Moose!….oh wait that’s just me

There’s the moose! Seen on the hike to Iceberg Lake

“Lady Elk” as she’s known at our cabin

humming birds
and bison
to come…what would my vacation be without highlighting the food, we each picked a night at the cabin and made a gourmet meal.
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good