Q: The business name is Davis Sports Nutrition.  Do I have to be an athlete to work with you?
A:  No!  The way I see it is, we are all athletes, we just may move differently.  All I ask is that you bring a positive attitude and a desire to improve your performance in work, life, or play. 


Q:  So, you’re a dietitian.  What ‘diet’ should I expect to follow?
A:  None of them!  Although you can’t spell ‘dietitian’ without ‘diet’ you should not expect to follow a diet at all.  We work in terms of fueling.  Enhanced performance with food and hydration.  I am not the food police, please don’t expect me to swat any food from your hand. 


Q: I don’t live near you, but I’d like to work together.  Please help!
A:  It is certainly not a requirement to live in central Iowa to work together.  A large majority of my practice can be done utilizing telehealth or video conferencing with the help of a HIPPA compliant platform.  


Q:  I am a coach who has been wanting to implement performance nutrition, but my school doesn’t have the budget to support it.  What options are available to work together?
A: Think of performance nutrition services and support from a registered dietitian as an investment for your team, their family, and the community you live, work, and play in.  Contact me so that together we can brainstorm options that might work well for you.  


Q: My school/neighbor/friend/teammate/great aunt Sally’s dog walker has worked with other nutrition entities that support the use of a lot of supplements, frequent body composition analysis, and food tracking.  How is this different?
A:  Awesome! Good for them.  There are a variety of approaches to performance nutrition planning.  My approach is personalized, evidence-based, food first, and person-centered.  I like to educate, inform, and ask questions to ensure my athletes and food friends feel confident in their performance nutrition knowledge development.  My goal is to enhance your lifes as a HUMAN and an athlete.  As humans we experience emotions, cravings, or days when we feel ‘off.’ That’s okay, and normal!  Your fueling plan should be able to adjust to those changing conditions.  


Q: I, or someone I love, struggles with disordered eating.  Do you support athletes who have a rocky relationship with food?
A: I am not a certified eating disorder specialist, but I do have extensive experience working with individuals whom are working to improve their relationship with food.  I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate as part of a healthcare team to support my athletes on their journey to food freedom.  If the case is outside my scope of practice I will do everything I can to help you find the best practitioner to meet your unique needs.  


Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: I accept Health Savings Account (HSA) as a payment option and will provide you with an itemized receipt of service.   


Q: I didn’t see an option that fits my needs in the “Work With Me” tab.  What should I do?
A:  That’s easy!  Contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ tab.  I can’t wait to chat with you.