Every individual has the ability to attain the kind of personal health that not only makes them look and feel better, but will help him or her to maximize potential in all areas of life. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a fad or a quick fix, but has a transformative power when it is easily integrated into your daily lifestlye. Unlike other programs, which aim to meet the general public, I will get to know you, your lifestyle, your concerns and personal goals. As a Registered Dietitian, we will work together to create the kind of individualized program that works for your and your lifestyle.

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

A dietitian is an expert in food and nutrition. As your personal dietitian I can:

  • Give dietary advice
  • Help promote healthy eating habits
  • Develop specific diets based on individual needs and goals
  • Conduct and participate in nutrition research

It’s important to understand the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist. In the United States, nutrition professionals are registered dietitians. They are regulated by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and they must meet strict educational and professional prerequisites as well as pass a national exam before earning the title of registered dietitian. Many nutritionists, however, have vastly different qualifications because they aren’t regulated by specific professional standards. While some nutritionists may have advanced degrees, many are self-taught and can dispense nutrition information without having the appropriate training or educational background.

If you are looking for advice on diet, food and nutrition, you can trust a registered dietitian; you can trust me.