A’La Carte Menu

Initial Consultation

Discover where you are so that you know where to go. During this initial consultation, valuable information about your health, nutrition, physical activity, and diet history will be gathered and analyzed. Results of your week 1 detailed food log will be reviewed and a discussion on current nutritional habits as well as caloric calculations will be discussed. Strengths and areas of opportunity will be explored, and together, we will design a plan tailored specifically for you. 60-90 minutes

Grocery Store Tour

Together we will take an educational guide through the aisles of a grocery store, showing you how to make the healthiest and most budget friendly decisions for you and your family. It’s not about giving up foods, it’s about adding a brand new world of foods and eating options. (at your local grocery store)

Pantry Clean Out & Nutrition Label Reading

In home look at your pantry and how we can make changes to better you and your family’s lifestyle. Learn how to decipher a food label and make room for nutritious food items that will soon become your mealtime favorites.

Follow-up Sessions

Your success is very important to me. Taking advantage of ongoing follow-up sessions are a sure way to achieve greater success and help maintain your long-term health and nutrition goals. Making a lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight, and therefore by keeping in touch I can better help you reach your goals. During these follow up sessions, we will monitor your progress, evaluate the effectiveness of your current program, and make modifications as needed. To encourage commitment to your program, discounted rates are available for pre-paid packages of multiple sessions. 45 -60 minutes