Group & Corporate Workshops

Healthy Meal Preparation & Demonstration
Learn how to make delicious, nutritious foods your whole family will enjoy. Conveniently conducted in your home, I will show you the tricks to making foods taste delicious while limiting fat, salt, and sugar.

This is a nice addition to a market tour or pantry visit where food can be purchased. In fact if purchased together a discount is available. Kids are welcome to join in the fun.

Rates vary by event.


Weekly Health Study
Looking for a fun way to learn about nutrition and socialize with your friends? Try a Health Study. Each week a small group of individuals meet for a nutrition class based on various topics including: truth on fad diets, clean and green eating, label reading, how to feed the family nutritiously, nutrition beauty secrets and many more! You will be the savviest foodie on the block! A healthy snack and recipe will be provided.

Duration and cost negotiable based upon group size.

Corporate & Club Speaking Engagements
Topics include but not limited to:
Eating Clean, Fresh & Local
Power Foods for Athletes
Endurance Sports Periodization Nutrition
Female Athlete Triad & Nutrition
The Less Stress Nutrition Plan
Heart Healthy You
Beauty & Nutrition

Rates vary based on event.