Power 9

You may have heard a little about the Blue Zones and Power 9.  Blue Zones are places around the world where people are recorded to live longer….were talking well into the 100s.  These places include Sardinia, Italy; Okanawa, Japan; Loma Linda, CA; Ikaria, Greece; and Nicoya, Coast Rica.  Research shows that there are 9 common characteristics of these communities that contribute to their longevity.  These are known as the Power 9.

So here it is….the secret to a long, healthy, and happy life:
Power 9
1. Move naturally
De-convenience your home, take the stairs, park farther away from the entrance and grow gardens.  Have an errand not to far away…walk!  Walking one of the best activities for longevity.
2. Know your purpose
Know why you wake up each day!  This alone can add seven years to your life.  Be able to articulate your values, passions, gifts and talents.
3. Down shift
 Stress leads to chronic inflammation which is associated with every major age-related disease. Find your de-stressor: meditate, nap, pray, or enjoy happy hour.
4. The 80% rule
Cut 20% of your calories with evidence based practices: eat a big breakfast, eat with your family, use 10 inch plates, and stop when you feel 80% full.
5. Plant slant
Eat a plant-based diet that’s heavy on the beans, nuts and green plants. 
6. Wine at 5
Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers.  The trick is to drink 1-2 drinks per day and not a drop more.
7. Family first
Living in a loving and thriving family can add six years to your ticker!  Invest time in your kids, nurture a monogamous relationship and keep aging parents near by. 
8. Belong
 It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish or some other religion that meets as a community.  Research shows that attending faith-based services four times per month will add 4-14 years of life expectancy.
9. Right tribe
Take stock in who your friends are and extend your social circle to include healthy-minded, supportive people. 

Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B.

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