Breakfast Burrito

J and I love breakfast burritos for breakfast….lunch….dinner….whenever really!
With great quality protein coming for the eggs, complex carbs from the veggies and whole wheat tortilla, and healthy fats from the avocado…it’s a balanced meal (Sara B Consulting principle)!

Breakfast Burritos

Big ole‘ whole wheat tortillas from our coop (New Pioneer) and Laughing Cow cheese….so good!
sliced avocado on warmed tortilla (about 15 secs in microwave) with cheese

couple whole eggs and the rest egg whites mixed with sauteed spinach and red peppers
sometimes we melt fat free cottage cheese within the eggs to make them even creamier
a side of sauteed parsnips! just like hashbrowns!
Until next time…
look good, do good, feel good