New York…the Sights & Cuisine

J and I love to travel and indulge in local cuisine.  Here are some great recommendations  to check out your next time in the Big Apple! 

Of course, we headed back to Rice to Riches for some fabulous rice pudding!  You can see pics from our last trip HERE.  I enjoyed the coconut while J snacked on the banana walnut

We also had brunch at Pastis where you can sip on the best Bloody Mary and possibly see a celebrity!  Again, a place we visited last time but could keep away.  I dined on the eggs Benedict and J the pancakes

Post marathon we were really looking for a down home, full-fledged meal to fill our aching bellies….tapas just weren’t going to cut it.  Tipsy Parson was the tickets!  Down home Southern cooking…need I say more?  Stepping into the restaurant is like entering Paula Dean’s house in Georgia (does she live in Georgia 🙂  To start I ordered the cocktail, Tipsy Palmer which is a blend of firefly sweet tea vodka, iced tea, lemon, and fresh mint.  It certainly lives up to its name and took me to a nice sunny field or maybe a hammock on a beach.  As apps we had the Mushroom Spoonbread and Mission Fig Salad.  Entree’s included the Dayboat Scallops and Short Ribs.  I don’t even like ribs but these were AMAZING!  They came with a cool twist on parsnips…parsnip puree similar to mashed potatoes.  And finally, desert. This had to be ordered at the beginning of dinner because it had to bake…talk about straight out of the oven Apple Cobbler for two!  What a great post marathon meal!

Other tasty places we checked our were Slice (a farm to table type place) and Zucca.

We didn’t do too many of the sights as we had to remind ourselves we were there for the marathon and lots of walking was not in our agendas.  We did get a chance to visit the 9/11 Memorial.  What a beautiful setting.  The waterfalls drown out all the city noise and create a very peaceful place where you can respectfully remember those who passed.

Until next time…
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Sara B.

New York Marathon Recap

How blessed are we!?  That’s the thought I tried to play over and over in my head as J and I ran down the streets and over the bridges of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. 

With the most participants on record and the best weather in the history of the race (50’s and sunny) we were set of for a near perfect day…”how blessed are we!?” J, myself, and pal, Krysta, were anxious to get the race started after having to take the subway, ferry, and bus to the athlete village only to wait another 3 hours till our wave start.  There were three waves 9:40, 10:10, and 10:40 to help spread out the 47,000 runners, luckily we were in the first. 

Ready to head to the race! Notice J's painting pants 🙂 our stylish "warm gear" all gets donated!

J and I had run most of our training runs together and felt pretty in sync so we really thought we’d be chest bumping across the finish line. However, as mile 13 neared J started feeling a stabbing pain in his knee (I know all to well what this is…IT band!).  I felt so bad for him but he maintained the 8:00 minute pace and we trucked along thinking “how blessed are we to be out here running!?”  Finally at mile 18 he told me to go as he had to slow up.  I thought back to Boston and how he ran by my side through my IT band troubles and told him “no, I’m good.”  Finally, he convinced me to take off.  I can’t even tell you where my thoughts were in those last miles as I pushed through the hills leading into and through Central Park…”how blessed to feel this good!”  Finally, the finish line!  I was in such a zone that I barely remember the 5 person deep crowd or the beautiful scenery of Central Park.  I do remember an annoying girl next to me at mile 23 luring her friend along with a water bottle….”come on Amy, almost there Amy, gotta pick it up Amy, come get the water Amy….”  I almost went up to Amy and said “Just, run your own race, you’ll enjoy it so much more.”  And that my friends is what it all came down to for J and I.  We ran our own races, pushed through our individual pain, and finished as strong as we could.  We are blessed by God to been given the ability to run and spread our joy through competing in the NYC Marathon!

I ran a 3:30:19, qualifying me for another Boston marathon….wahoo! 
J ran a 3:41:11, with IT band issues….he actually stated that it felt worse than completing his two Ironmans!
so out of 47,000 runners…here’s how we stack up:

Place Gender
First Name Last Name Age Team State/
5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km Minutes
per Mile
5554 805 208 17063 SARA BOISEN-SCHWERTFEGER 27F ASIC IA USA 03:30:19 00:24:07 00:47:58 01:12:28 01:37:21 01:42:53 02:03:31 02:29:04 02:54:57 03:20:00 08:02
8384 6861 1221 17084 JEREMY SCHWERTFEGER 36M ASIC IA USA 03:41:11 00:24:07 00:47:58 01:12:29 01:37:21 01:42:53 02:03:32 02:29:34 02:58:35 03:28:28 08:27

Special thanks to David our Asic’s connection,  Ann our accommodations host, and our families for watching Trey.   We couldn’t have done it without you.

More to come about some of the sites and foods and my race day eating plan!

Until next time…
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Sara B.

New York Marathon or Bust!

After weeks of training, miles on the pavement, and 9 months after giving birth….J and I are off to run the New York City Marathon! 

We are both very excited and ready to run!  Unlike Boston, where I hadn’t ran for a month before the race due to an injury, this time we are healthy and happy.  You know how they say you get faster after giving birth…I’m ready to test that out 🙂

This will be my third marathon, after each one I have said it’ll be my last.  Then I saw this list printed and taped above J’s computer:

Without further ado; the world’s top 10 marathons:

1. London Marathon, April
2. Berlin Marathon, September
3 New York City Marathon, November  check
4. Chicago Marathon, October  check
5. Boston Marathon, April  check
6. Stockholm Marathon, June
7. Rotterdam Marathon, April
8. Paris Marathon, April
9. Honolulu Marathon, December
10. Amsterdam Marathon, October

oh jezzz!

What races have you competed in, recommend, and why?  It can be tris, road races, adventure…would love to hear from you!

See you at the finish line!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
Sara B

New York…the sights and smells…of food that is :)

J and I decided to take a little weekend getaway to NYC! We did a little shopping, enjoyed a play (Rock of Ages), saw some sights, and tasted yummy food! Of course, I always highlight the foods from our trips but I also wanted to share some of the fun too! Enjoy!

Shopping! I forgot to pack all my jeans! J thinks I did it on purpose 🙂 Either way…we HAD to go shopping then. He will never know 😉

We stumbled upon this Rice Pudding place on Spring Street. Rice to Riches…one of our new guilty pleasures….unexpectedly delicious!

our flavor of choice…chocolate chip

We met my cousin Donald and his wife Erika, who just happen to be vacationing in the city as well, at this famous deli for dinner

order up!

the biggest pastrami sandwich I have ever seen or eaten! It’s what they are known for!

Katz’s Deli

Pink Berry…who doesn’t love Pink Berry! J had his first experience and couldn’t get enough of that creamy, yogurty, sweetness

Eggs Florentine at Pastis (supposedly you can see famous people there…we saw Brad Pitt…NOT

oh well…they had the best Bloody Mary I have every had! Not even joking 🙂

Pumpkin Ravioli with pinenuts and cooked spinach…so tasty

YUM! need I say more?

Fat Witch Bakery…Chelsea Market

lobster anyone? Chelsea Market

I can totally pull these off!

a delicious piece of NY cheesecake for me and a cannoli for J at Ferrari’s in Little Italy

Two great mojitos at the bar in the W….raspberry and blueberry!

Time’s Square & Rockefeller Christmas tree!

The Heisman hopefuls at Nokia Theatre! We were cheering for McCoy-Big12!

The Today Show! Did you see us!
We had our fun and enjoyed our treats. Part of the excitement of traveling for me is experiencing the foods that are special to the area….even if it is a rich piece of cheesecake or giant pastrami sandwich. Remember, it’s what you do 90% of the time that matters. Enjoy yourself and enjoy food!
Happy Holidays from Sara B Consulting!
Until next time…
look good, feel good, do good
coming soon…New Year’s Resolution specials!